Projects & PATENTS


PRIN 2022 NOXY4B Nanoformulated oxytocin for brain targeting: potential therapeutic approach for neurodevelopmental disorders. € 124.000,00 UNIMIB F. Re 

IMMUN-HUB 2019: immunotherapy against tumors. New small molecules and nanomedicine against cancer. 70.000,00 UNIMIB F. Re

FRRB Lombardia 2019 New frontiers of engineered nanovectors to improve treatment efficacy and safety in neurological disorders (NEVERMIND)  630.000,00 UNIMIB F. Re 

H2020 JPND  2016 Development of novel multicellular in vitro models of Alzheimer disease-like BBB         982.409,00 UNIMIB 293.160,00 F.Re “Nanoparticles for therapy and diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease (NAD)”

Cariplo Bank Foundation. Project: Novel strategies for synthesis and functionalization of nano-and microparticles for biomedical use  

Lombardy Region . Project :Network Enabled Drug Design   

Lombardy Region.  Project: Scouting of Technology Transfer 

Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia 2013: Evaluation of toxicity of nanopraticles designed for therapy of neurodegenerative diseases F. Re  50.000,00

Italian Ministry of University: Role of lipid rafts in the processing of Prion protein 

European Center Nanomedicine CEN 2014 Smart Nanoparticles For Boosted Drug Brain Targeting;

H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014, Design and development of advanced NAnomedicines to overcome Biological BArriers and to treat severe diseases", NABBA

European Center Nanomedicine CEN 2014 mApoE-Functionalized Lipidic -and Polymeric- Nanocomposite  for Human Glioblastoma Imaging and Treatment.


WO 2009/150686E “Liposomes capable of effectively binding the beta-amyloid peptide”. Inventors: Massimo Masserini; Francesca Re, Maria Silvia Sesana.

WO 2014/00857 “Liposomes for treatment of Alzheimer Disease”. Inventors: Massimo Masserini; Francesca Re.

WO2021019078A1 "Liposomes and their uses thereof". Inventors: Francesca Re,Massimo Masserini, Marco Antonio Ercole Sardina.


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